Dash announces testnet for social payment wallets

Dash announces testnet for social payment wallets
  • The platform represents the Dash Group’s most important millstone when realizing massive crypto adoption.
  • Dash says the testnet environment is 5 times bigger than the other Dash-owned Evonet platform.
  • The new v0.17 platform has additional features that will improve complete light client support.

Dash has announced the testnet phase of its v0.17 platform, which will deliver a seamless user-experience with profile pictures, contact lists, and human-readable usernames.

According to the announcement, the experience will address the most important barriers towards the mass adoption of crypto coin, which has been shown by several surveys as ease-of-use issues.

Other features of the DashPay include avatars and contact lists, which the firm revealed will improve convenience in payments. In July, a report emerged that the Dash Core Group was planning to launch the platform testnet before the end of the year.

In line with the goal of the new platform, Dash says the testnet environment is five times bigger than the Evonet platform which is 95% owned by the Dash Core Group.

This is the biggest deployment of Dash Platform,” the announcement reads.

An important step towards massive crypto adoption

The announcement also added that the platform’s release will become the most important achievement in the realization of the long-term goal for mainstream crypto adoption.

Based on a 2016 survey carried out by Brave UX and market research firm Clutch, more than 90% agreed that the most important thing to improve when using a service or website is the ease-of-use.

The new platform has improved features

The Dash group says it has always tried to provide better user-efficiency for users, and most of its new products are aligned with such goals.

Dash also provided details of a new protocol’s update, revealing that it has updated an unlimited credit minting vulnerability. Also, it stated that the new v0.17 testnet has extra features to enhance full light client support.

Dash says v0.18 testnet is next inline

Dash says the company is not stopping at v0.17, stating that after the testnet, v0.18 will be next in line. The new feature, according to Dash, will feature improved usability functionality for Android and iOS apps within the Dash platform.

Dash has also announced the public alpha for DashPay, a social crypto payments wallet sing a human-readable address.

Source: invezz.com