Manulife Introduces its First Digital Insurance Product “Manulife Soksabay” to ABA Bank customers

Manulife Cambodia, the first international life insurer to operate in Cambodia, is delighted to announce that it has launched the first digital insurance product called Manulife Soksabay (សុខសប្បាយ) to all customers of ABA Bank, the largest Cambodian commercial bank and a leading digital banking institution.

Manulife Soksabay is an affordable financial protection plan that ABA Bank customers can purchase from Manulife easily and quickly in just one minute using the Services section of the ABA Mobile app.

This new digital insurance product will allow Cambodians to get protection at a very affordable price, starting from $16 per year without the need for a medical examination. Manulife Soksabay provides financial protection in the case of traffic and other types of accidents, with the protection of up to $10,000. Making a claim is made convenient through the same Manulife digital service at the Services section of ABA Mobile. To find out more about the product benefits, please visit

“At Manulife, we remain true to our mission to help build a better future for the Cambodian people. Becoming a digital market leader is a key strategy for us to achieve that mission, and the launch of  Manulife Soksabay reflects our commitment to it,” said Justin Helferich, CEO and General Manager of Manulife Cambodia. “With  strong collaboration with ABA Bank, our strategic partner, we believe that Manulife Soksabay will enable more Cambodians to get the right financial protection for their needs.” he added.

Askhat Azhikhanov, CEO of ABA Bank, said the Bank was delighted to support its strategic partner by referring ABA customers to Manulife for affordable insurance choices. “As a leading digital bank in the Kingdom, we believe in wider accessibility of essential financial solutions. That is why we see Manulife Soksabay in ABA Mobile as a socially responsible initiative that brings affordable and convenient accident insurance to more Cambodians. The Manulife Soksabay insurance becomes essential for daily commuters, especially motorcycle drivers, as it brings peace of mind to them and their loved ones in case of road accidents.

“I encourage all our customers to avail of this great offer and insure themselves with Manulife Soksabay in the ABA Mobile app,” he added.

The collaboration between Manulife and ABA Bank began in 2016. In 2019, the two institutions collaborated to provide Mobile Premium Payment services to Manulife customers through the ABA Mobile app.

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Non-ABA customers interested in Manulife Soksabay can download the ABA Mobile app from here and activate it with Instant Account (a valid Cambodian ID card and phone number are required).

Source: khmer times